FROM ideas to working business


We help blockchain-startups to build tokens economic model , create a professional community and go worldwide.


Accelerator supports the projects to simplify their product development process.
During acceleration the full scope of work is divided in different stages to provide useful structure for a teamwork on the product.

Each team has a mentorship by accelerator which means not only mentors themselves but also other opportunities such as personalised roadmap, consultations by experts in the field, feedback from our partners etc.


5 weeks, Product Discovery
3 Webinars, 1 workshop in Tallinn, Estonia Market analysis. In this stage you focus on the niche you are developing your project in. Here we build a product from the idea you've mentioned in the interview, create value proposition and find its audience on the current market.

5 weeks, Product Evolution
3 Webinars, 1 workshop in Tallinn, Estonia On this stage you will analyse if there is a need to implement blockchain in your tech decision, which token economy is applicable and useful for your product, how to create smart contracts.

We'll work on MVP and market proposition. For some projects it might be the starting point, for others the pivot, our main goal is to confirm the hypothesis on using blockchain on your project and release a working product to the market.

Who may attend

Accelerator is open for the projects of all stages: pre-seed, seed, prototype, alpha — it's not necessary to have an MVP or sales — you can come to us any moment if you have the team and idea to develop.

However your idea should be supported by effectiveness model of expected sales or implementation.

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In result

Detailed Market Analysis
Audience, competitors, full market volume. We'll have your product focused on real problem concerning the community
White Paper
3 versions of your WP and translations to the necessary languages:

- WP adapted for the landing page
- WP adapted for the presentation
- WP adapted for easy "night" reading (One Pager)

Token Economy Model
Strong token backed by real processes or function and used by projects community
Principles of Investing
Educational Program costs €6K. It's the cost for trackers, mentors and experts who will take part in your project during 2 months.
For participation in workshops you'll have to come to our hub in Estonia/Latvia for several days. We provide several options for accommodation nearby the Hub but the cost of tickets and chosen accommodation is on you.
Investment Programm
If you take part in our investment program, Accelerator takes an individual fee from all attracted funds depending on project. This costs include also mentorship for the project from close beta stage to the scaling.
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Welcome to Iskander Community
Meet our team
Ilya Savchuk
Tallinn, Estonia
Accelerator Program director.

10+ years of expertise and consulting at wide range of markets.
  • Knowledge of software development methodologies
Artem Gebelev
Moscow, Russia
Communication facilitator in Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, specialized in area of territorial development and strategic development.
Denis Beskov
Moscow, Russia
Founder & CEO at ProductVision OÜ
Product management evangelist, Founder of Product Camp Russia
Konstantin Dikovsky
Riga, Latvia
Key Account/Country Manager, responsible for building and support of distribution net in Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and North-West of Russia
Mansur Kadimov
Head Project Manager
Founder of Reshape Analytics, the consulting agency that provide complex analytical and system solutions for business.

Mansur has more than 10 years experience in building data-driven processes and using machine learning and simulation in decision making in different areas like Supply Chain, Product Development, Marketing and HR .

Pavel Kamynin
Moscow, Russia
Digital Transformation, Business Reassembling in Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Expert in Technology Entrepreneurship, Business Accelerators, Sandboxes, Game Techniques, HR Strategies, Learning and Development, Mentality Change and Intellectual Affairs.
Mark Mamrykin
Moscow, Russia
Moderator and mentor of strategic development groups in executive educational programs in SKOLKOVO business school for corporations, universities and municipalities

Used to manage Lean Manufacturing and Thinking implementation
Pavel Surkov
10+ legal and financial expertise on telecommunications, banking, education, advertising & entertainment
Author of more then 40 publications in periodics and more than 20 books (fiction and education).

Vladislav Sorokin
Moscow, Russia

Having vast experience as a journalist and marketing manager, Vladislav helps projects that harness the power of collaborative intelligence to achieve remarkable results in Moscow School of Management «Skolkovo»

Ruslan Kuzminov
Managing partner at ProductVision OÜ
Having 11+ years experience as CEO, VP of Business Development, Chief Product Officer in telecom, Ruslan provided guidance and assistance to 500+ startup teams
Sasha Yeremeev
Managing partner at ProductVision OÜ
Having managed all FRII extramural accelerators since 2014 to 2018, Sasha developed corporate accelerators for AlfaBank, Croc, ASI and provided guidance and expert assistance to 1500+ startup teams
Maria Stankevich
Moscow, Russia
Head of Communications with more than 6 years experience in PR, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, ICO marketing for the large international holdings, lately Maria successfully completed the token sale of Arbidex with $ 16 mln raised, and reached 100% of the hard cap.
Dmitry Zabirov
Kazan, Russia
Game designer, Teacher, researcher at Technosphere Security Science Lab (Kazan State Technical University), Managing partner (Kazan Game Practice Consulting Center), Communication facilitator (Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO)
Ksenia Balickaya
Moscow, Russia
Moderator, Tutor, Gametechnition, Researcher. Co-founder of the advertising company Mediacom, Certified guide of international system Human Design
Anna Zenchuk
Moscow, Russia
Expertise in financial markets, blockchain project launch in financial sector, venture projects foundation, fund raising and business development worldwide
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[email protected]

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