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The three most important things
for tech projects nowadays are:

Comprehensive Strategy авотлаовт Buzzing Community авотлаовт Premium Content
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All companies and projects need their own means for reaching goals. Finding and empowering these means is essential for any strategy.
Market Research & Formulating Campaign Goals
Value Proposition Formulation
Distribution Channel
Execution and Cycle Optimizations
Global Events
We organise all types of business events: conferences, meetups, network events
using our big network of speakers and experts.

Business Networking
We help companies and projects enter new markets
Negotiations and networking with local companies, opinion leaders and associations
Opening local offices
Establishing brand communities and effective partnerships
Legal advisory Relationships with funds and investors
Community Building
Community development roadmap
Audience acquisition
Audience scoring, analysis, and segmentation
Community manager training
Transformation of a silent post-ico crowd into live buzzing community
What is a buzzing community?
A buzzing community is one that creates business value.
It's comparable to hiring hundreds of people
to strengthen your project.

When people have common goals and are networking -
congrats, we have a community!
Content Marketing
We provide:
Articles for media and company blogs
Expert comments & columns
All types of social media content
The Word is the Sword ⚔️
Is it as simple as that: all clients get the crowd they deserve. The right words attract the right people.
Reputation Management
The expertise of a company or person can act as the foundation for establishing a cooperation. We provide knowledge - the client provides deals. You pick a region - we make you famous.
Media mentions
Search result optimization
Expert articles & interviews
Youtube videos, podcasts
Personal blog, channel, and linkedin boost
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