P2P Tallinn, MAY 24th
Tallinn University of Technology

presale stage projects
veryfied investors
+7 965 114 64 46

Why P2P?

- We believe that only personal meetings are effective both for investors and projects. 10 minutes face-to-face communication give both sides more than dozens of public pitches and mentions in media.

- We collect the request from investors and find the best projects on the market to match the request.

- We provide projects with 5 minutes p2p pitch opportunity. After that each investor has his 5 min of Q&A.

- If both sides are interested to continue the conversation afterwards, they are welcomed to networking hall.
For investors:

Before inviting any project to participate the event we make due diligence and check the projects quality from verifying team background to token economics review. At the moment we already have a pull of more then 50 validated projects from AI, IoT, Data-related, GameDev, Fintech domains. Now we collect the request from interested investors to choose the most relevant ones to invite them to participate.
A week in advance we will make a final list of relevant projects and send them to you for approval. By that we guarantee that you won't meet waste, fraud or unsustainable projects on our event.

For projects:

We bring top investors from the region to our event. We collect the request in advance to match investors interest with the idea of your project. You won't meet any uninterested investors at our event. Your only goal will be to convince each investor that your project is the best in the field and evolve your pitch from one investor to another.