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We help blockchain-startups create a professional community and go worldwide

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The mission of Iskander is to create a global community of investors, entrepreneurs and developers to build a decentralized economy together
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Community Development
Almost every ICO-project should start with building the community which is loyal to the product. We help to bring such people together.
In order to achieve the maximum result one acquaintance is enough. But which one? We help to find the people needed by the project: advisors, investors and ambassadors.
Marketing Advisory
Many projects don't know how to talk about themselves. We can help the startup to tell the story correctly and to present the idea to tens of thousands people around the world.

Welcome list
Look at the principles of our work with startups. If you match them – we will be happy to consider your application.
If you have a strong expertise in your professional field, you have weight and authority, we are happy to offer you a number of projects for advisory.
If you want to join the pool of fund investors, please leave your contacts. We will contact you and be glad to offer those projects that comply with your investment principles.
Principles of Investing
The community is the key to a successful product. The logic of building a startup was in building an MVP, but to build global products you need to create an MVC. The community is a multi-handed god who will help the project bring the people from different countries to develop the product and raise funds.
While we are engaged in the construction of a wonderful new world of decentralized systems, we get rid of all the disadvantages of centralization. At the same time, the project receives many new problems related to the management system, the solution of which is not yet known either by foundations, accelerators or scientists.
Token economy
There are more than two hundred hypothesis about the economy of tokens and there are no examples of success yet. In order not to plant a delay-action bomb in the basis of your startup and avoid scam, you should give the maximum of attention to tokenization. You need to understand what will be the role of the token in the system is, how it will develop your product, how it will behave in the market and what will be the driver of its growth?
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